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Collision Damage Waiver

Collision Damage Waiver waives part of the liability of the RENTER for damages in case of collision. The RENTER, however, will be liable for the full cost of damage if the car is driven in violation of the RENTAL AGREEMENT or for failure to submit a police report and a photocopy of the driver’s license and passport during the accident. The payment of CDW does not reduce the Renter’s own risk because of damage to the vehicle in the following instances:
  1. Intentional damage or damage resulting from major negligence by the driver.
  2. Damage resulting from the driver being under the influence of intoxicants or is in other respects incapable of controlling the vehicle in a safe manner.
  3. Damage resulting from racing or test-driving.
  4. Damage resulting from warfare, revolution, riots and/or civil unrest.
  5. Damage caused by animals.
  6. Holes burned into the seats, carpet or mats.
  7. Damage affecting only wheels, tires, suspension, mirrors, windows, batteries, glass, radio equipment, as well as damage due to the theft of individual parts of the vehicle and damage derived thereof.
  8. Damage caused by driving on rough roads, for example, to the transmission, the drive shaft, other parts in or on the chassis of the vehicle, damage to the chassis of the vehicle caused by the vehicle bumping against uneven roads, for example, road shoulders caused by motor graders, rocks lodged in gravel roads or by the edges of roads. The same applies to damage resulting from loose rocks hitting the vehicle or the bottom of the vehicle when being driven.
  9. Damage resulting from the vehicle being driven in areas where driving it is banned, for example, driving on paths, tracks, in unabridged rivers, streams or other watercourses, on beaches, places that are only accessible during low tide or other trackless areas.
  10. Damage to the vehicle caused by sand, gravel, ash, pumice or other kinds of earth materials being blown against it.
  11. If the vehicle is shipped by sea, the payment of the own-risk fee does not apply to damage caused by seawater.
  12. Damage to Hertz because of the vehicle being stolen.
  13. Water damage to the vehicle.

Personal Accident Insurance

Personal Accident Insurance  insures the Renter for PHP3000.00 (USD6.00) per day that provides coverage up to PHP100,000.00 (USD2,000.00) for every passenger up to a maximum of four (4) passengers.

Sub compact (Automatic)

Toyota Wigo or similar


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